Angie + Corey

Angie & Corey are getting married at a casino in St. Charles, MO and (to my excitement!) want to incorporate the casino theme into all their wedding plans! They are such a relaxed, easy-going couple—it is going to be a blast! They are wanting something very unique & fun that will reflect the casual atmosphere of their big day. After spending the afternoon in the swanky casino, guests will make their way to the bar where they can choose what they want to eat by swinging by the Mexican food, hot dog, pizza, or chicken fingers stand…then have a slice of the casino-themed cake or munch on chocolate poker chips! My mind is swirling with ideas—will post drafts asap!!

Dawn + Gavin

I have been talking with Dawn about her wedding plans and how she’d like her invitations to look-----she got engaged back in February & they plan on getting married before the end of this year. Being a second-time bride, she is planning on having a small, intimate ceremony, with the most important factor being that both sets of kids would be able to attend. At first, she wanted an October wedding in Sedona, now she’s thinking New Year’s Eve here in Phoenix! Even better than that, she wants to wear a red dress! We’re thinking a palette of black, silver/gold, and red----sounds like so much fun!!!! I am so excited to get started!!

Baby Lara...

...IS A GIRL! Congrats again to Jorge & Elba, she's going to be beautiful!!

In the works right now...

Heather's wedding itinerary!

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Oil Changes, Tire Rotations, Invitations

Today I visited Bogi over at her local shop, 180 Degrees Automotive. Bogi owns an auto repair shop geared towards women to help educate and involve them in the process. She was such a cool woman and was so inspirational! She started 180 Degrees Automotive in her driveway and then things just snowballed into the business she's always dreamed of. When asked what advice she has to entrepreneurs who are just starting out she said, "You know, you just have to do it. You can spend forever getting ready to get ready but there comes a point when you just have to do it." She went on to say that you will never be 100% ready to start your own business, you just have to prepare yourself to be flexible and learn what works and what doesn't. "You only live once," she said, "so why not do what you want to be doing?" Hey, makes sense to me! It's always so inspiring to hear from someone who has gone through the same things you are experiencing right now. Thanks for the boost Bogi!!