Holiday Happening Invitation

Okay, file this under >> RANDOM. For the past 3 years I have done invitations for this really fun holiday party thrown by a great couple & their friends. They are so funny, every year they want me to photoshop their faces onto bodies of celebrities - 3 years ago they were the cast of Alice, then the Spice Girls, and last year they were the Desperate Housewives. Now keep in mind, there are 2 couples who put this party together, so it's pretty funny seeing the guys as Baby or Posh Spice! Hahaha! This year they are going to be the Jackson 5! I love that they have such a great sense of humor - here's how it's looking so far:

Something Blue

Here are some of my favorite etsy finds to keep the "something blue" tradition alive!

Hair Accessory, Earrings, Hair Pins, Cake Topper, Cuff, Ring, Earrings, Bracelet

Take a look at one of my older posts to see another idea for your "something blue!"


Any fellow designers out there who can appreciate this?? PANTONE SWATCHES :) What do you think of the Montgomery's master bedroom from Extreme Makeover: Home Edition?

Caramel Apple Inspiration

I love, love, love Fall! For us in Phoenix, it means we are finally getting relief from the 115 degree temps, and your steering wheel won't give you third degree burns anymore. And while I love being able to go to the pool in December, I do miss the leaves changing, the bonfires and being able to pick apples back in Illinois. I just love fall flavors — I think I’ve made something with sweet potatoes 3 times a week for the past 2 weeks! Hahaha! And since my birthday is in October, I never want a birthday cake, always my grandma’s apple crisp recipe. I know that I will definitely have a fall wedding here in Phoenix, and the one thing I know I will have is caramel apples! They make such a great take-away treat & help bring in some Midwestern ties. What about having a make-your-own candy apple station? Line up some melted milk chocolate, white chocolate and caramel, then have dishes with different toppings. Some favorites would be chopped nuts, sprinkles, and M&Ms. Wrap them in cellophane, and tie closed with a ribbon to match your colors or a monogram sticker. Perfect! Here are some caramel apple inspirations to get you drooling!

apple 1, apple 2, apple 3, apple 4, apple 5

The Second Part of Your Wedding Dress

These are just STUNNING!! Now, I am usually an advocate for wearing brightly-colored shoes - but - these are gorgeous! These Grazia Valentine Bridal Shoes will run you about $210 & can be purchased here. 

Photo of Grazia Valentine Bridal Shoes by Curtis Smith Photography

SPLURGE: Can you imagine walking down the aisle with red bottoms peeking out from under your dress? A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Check out these Christian Louboutin, Carnaval Nodo Satin d'Orsay Pumps, that will set you back about $800. Get your pair at Saks.

What kind of shoes did you/will you wear at your wedding? Sassy heels? Sensible flats? ....Sensible heels? Sassy flats??


Here's a sneak peek at the design for Angie & Corey's Save the Dates! Makes me want to head to Vegas! :)

Long story short - THANK YOU!

As I am just starting out, I know I don't know everything about owning a small business. I used to do some freelance work for Renee Werkheiser, the owner of Art & Sol Performing Arts Program here in Phoenix, and she said when you start out, you begin with a certain plan/process in your mind, but you constantly change it over & over until you get something that works. I think that's where I am right now. Constantly changing. And in having a small business, I am realizing it's not so much a business for me, it's become a way of life. I just know that if I need to get groceries, it's by JoAnn Fabrics, and I will shop for ribbon for my brides before picking up groceries. If I'm headed to my sister's house in Chandler, I'll swing by the paper store to pick up my recent order, before getting to her house. It becomes so integrated into your life that you honestly don't even notice it.  

I love it.  

I love everything about it! It is truly what I love to do & not to be cliche, but when you find something you love to do, you never have to work a day in your life, right? Well, I wouldn't lie to you and say it's not work - it is - but working at something you truly believe in & that truly makes you, AND others happy, has got to get some bonus points! :) I want to end this (unusually long) post by saying a HUGE thank you to everyone who has helped me get to this point in my career. The ones who took a chance on me in the beginning stages, the ones who referred me to their friends, and the referrals who referred me to their friends - THANK YOU. I look forward to the future, and the future of Swatchbook Weddings!  

Thank you for being a part of it!

It's Crunch Time!

Well it's finally fall now, which means wedding season for Arizona! I have been super busy with work & my mom was just out here for a week visiting from Illinois. She could not have picked a better week weather-wise, right? It has been beautiful! I've been seeing some great fall inspiration boards out there and it actually makes me miss the Midwest...until it starts snowing there...then I'm all good in the 65 degree winter weather out here :) I have two brides that are getting married next month so it's crunch time with their extra stationery. I met with Jenn last week to talk about the programs, reserved seat signs, place cards & table numbers that she needs and I am so excited! Her and her fiance, Dan, really wanted an elegant, very traditional wedding invitation but they want to have a little more fun with these pieces. Another girl after my own heart - she wants to use polka dot ribbon! They are a really fun couple & it totally fits their personality! Lisa is getting married next month as well, and we are in the final stages of getting her program out the door. They are going to be the same size as her bridal shower invitations and as a contrast to Jenn, she wants them to be more formal :) I will post pictures as soon as these are all done!

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