Andrea + Andrew

I finished these up before Christmas but haven't been able to post them yet! These were definitely one of my favorite invitations I've worked on - not to mention one of the most fun brides I've worked with too! Andrea had sent me a swatchbook of her color scheme when we first started and I was so excited!! :) We used a shimmery black folded card and mounted the invitation layer to the inside. A matching yellow ribbon was tied in a bow and also served the practical purpose of keeping the RSVP in place on the inside of the card. I'm looking forward to getting started on their programs in the next few months!

Boojum Tree Beauty

Jeanette, of Jeanette LeBlanc Photography here in Phoenix, put it best when she said, "Location. Location. Location. It's as important to a wedding as it is to real estate." And that location being featured is Boojum Tree in North Phoenix. These beautiful photographs explain why this is my #1 choice for my own wedding...whenever that may be :)


I have been to Boojum Tree a few times and everytime I go, I find some nook or hidden spot that I didn't see before. The rustic, vintage charm is so perfect & it really feels like you are in a tropical oasis. Beautiful! See more photos from this shoot here.


It's Tuesday Shoes-day again and by popular demand (mainly by my cousin Brandy!) I am featuring a close-toed shoe :) I spotted these at Nordstrom & I think it would be perfect on a winter bride! With it's snow-white satin & brooch like a snowflake, it's sure to add the right amount of wintery shimmer & sparkle. April Pumps by Martinez Valero

Bracelet Yourself

Another great place to look for statement pieces for you & your bridesmaids is JCrew - I love these bracelets! I think this piece of jewelry is totally underrated - it's a subtle, sophisticated way to add some glam to your ensemble! I think this first two would look great on bridesmaids, and the last one is definitely for the bride!

Snap, Snap, Hooray!

These photos are fantastic! I love candid shots of the bride & groom because it's their true emotion captured right at that second. These are the type of shots that the couple will appreciate because moments like this pass by so fast! "Oh my gosh, I forgot when we high-fived while getting ready!!" HAHAHAAAA! Photos by Kimberly Jarman

Not My Gumdrop Buttons!

Had to share! My sister & I made our first gingerbread house this afternoon, and boy are we proud! :) Okay, so we are 26 and 29 years old and this is the best we could do, but hey, we are impressed! The icing was a disgusting consistency - a cross between toothpase and spackle - and it wouldn't even stick to the gingerbread. Oh well! After doing all of our last-minute Christmas shopping, wrapping and food prep, this was a great way to get us in the spirit on Christmas Eve!!


Today I am off to Illinois where the forecast is calling for wet & snowy conditions, so here's my shoe pick for such weather! As we saw in my previous post, wet weather doesn't have to put a damper on your celebration — just embrace it with these fun galoshes! Sure they come in other colors like dark green and black...buuuut with choices like violet, pea green, lava and graphite why not have some fun?? Hunter Welly Gloss Boot

Make a Statement

While I was out doing my Christmas shopping this weekend, I stopped by Anthropologie, and as usual, they had some amazing jewelry. Check out these statement necklaces! These would seriously spruce up a plain bridesmaid dress!

Freakin To Do List...

Seriously, NEVER ENDING! This notepad by Vale Design is perfect. Like everyone else this time of year, I have SO MUCH to do!! Shouldn't things be winding down? I feel like Christmas has snuck up on me because my list of presents to buy has barely been touched. I just dropped off my last invitation job of the year last night, but when January comes, I've got some Save the Dates that need to go out asap. Also on the horizon are Andy & Sara's wedding invitations — I just received a color swatch to work off of, a gorgeous deep, ruby red!

My parents live in Illinois so I am heading back there Tuesday the 22nd so that leaves me this weekend to get everything done. While I'm home, I'm going to use that time to write down my goals for 2010 & really think about how I will achieve them. I have been looking forward to this year because my birthday is on October 10, so it will be 10-10-10! That has got to mean some good luck! :) I am so excited about the new year & what's to come — what are your goals for 2010? Mine are freakin never ending!

Again, I Swoon...

I just can't get enough of their photography! I saw this photo on Simply Bloom's blog and just about died. The photography is beautiful and seriously, I. LOVE. COKE. (No - not Pepsi - don't even think about it!) The retro feel of this photo fits perfectly with the Coca-Cola brand - makes me want to twist open a glass bottle of the good stuff. Aaaah, refreshing!


Well, well, well, hello lovelies! Take a look at these new shoes from Badgely Mischka - I love the brooch detail! Eavan pumps

Hello Cecilia!

Awww! Previous clients of mine, Elba & Jorge Lara, welcomed their new baby girl, Cecilia on November 25th! What a cutie! Congratulations you guys!!

Oh My Galosh!

What do you think about THESE wedding shoes?! I just think they're GREAT!! Maybe I should stray from my coveted peep toes for Tuesday Shoes-day every now & again, huh? I spotted these on Green Wedding Shoes (one of my favorite blogs!!) today - I just love this!! Galosh darn terrific if you ask me! Photo by Susan Stripling.

Love + Bug

As a fellow beetle owner, this amazing photo just makes me smile! Photo by Kate Harrison.


In love. x10. Yellow is BY FAR my favorite color right now and the polka dots? So adorable!! These shoes perfectly walk the line of playful & sophisticated, with a touch of modern vintage. I see a bride with my dream palette of casual grays and yellows wearing these - or they would even look great on your bridesmaids too! ...okay, I am getting too attached to these shoes... Molly peep toes in buttercup striped dots by J.Crew

More eye candy

Courtesy of my friend Amanda, of Amanda Hein Photography. Gorgeous!! 

Eye Candy

I am posting this photo purely as eye candy for today! I LOVE peonies & these arrangements are so beautiful I had to share! Photo by Christine Farah.

The Future of Swatchbook Weddings...

The new year is fast approaching and with it, is going to come a new Swatchbook Weddings. 

My business has been based solely on custom invitations and it has been great! It has been so exciting working with brides, getting to know them, and developing great relationships which has in turn brought me many referrals and the opportunity to grow my business. I know I've gushed quite a few times in my blog posts about how thankful I am, but it just can't be said enough how much I appreciate all that have played a role. You have given me the confidence to create Swatchbook Weddings & now have given me the confidence to move my business forward. I will be moving away from custom invitations and moving to an online shop. This will give me the chance to create invitation suites that are truly an expression of my passion for design & typography...and hopefully people will like it!

As I am finishing up the jobs I have right now, I will have more time to focus on getting things in order for the new launch. This is a HUGE deal to me & has always been my dream - I am really excited, but nervous of course. I will continue to blog & those that are a part of Swatchbook Weddings on facebook & twitter will be really involved with the transformation. I can't wait to see what's next! 


Shrug Off the Cold

With the Holiday season being the most popular time for engagements, it's no surprise that couples are choosing to get married this time of year as well. There's something special about being cozy inside at a wedding, while the snow falls outside. One way for the bride to keep warm without detracting from her beautiful gown is to wear a shrug, and I am loving this one I found on modernromancepdx's etsy shop! 

Red not your color? It's also available in white, black, silver & ivory.


You know I'm a sucker for a peep toe with bling! The designer of these stunning heels, Bliss Bridal Shoes, tweeted about their couture collection last week so I had to check it out. These are so beautiful! And the small platform allows for extra heel height while still being easy to walk in. Nobody wants to be wobbly on their wedding day! :) Be sure to check out their site for more blissfully perfect shoes! Bliss Bridal Shoes, Sociale