All Packed Up!

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Happy Holidays & the Winner of Our Giveaway!

Time for the Holidays! I barely swallowed my last bite of Thanksgiving turkey & Christmas music was already pumping through every house, radio station and mall. We announced the winner of our Holiday notecard giveaway this morning on Facebook to kick off the season here at Swatchbook Weddings. Here's the sweet little notecards won by Monique here in Phoenix! Congratulations!


I think purple is a great color for a fall wedding & these shoes would look perfect in your photos. Just imagine these purple shoes standing in a pile of freshly fallen orange leaves—it would be beautiful! These come from the brand Me Too (which I own a couple pairs of) and they are SO comfortable. Stylish AND comfortable!? These are a must for any bride!! *Also available in red.

Taking a Break & Hitting the Links

I took a break this past Sunday & went golfing at Stoneridge Golf Course in Prescott Valley, Arizona - the course was beautiful! But don't let that desert landscape fool you... was FFFFFREEZING!

Eh, so what if I lost about 5 balls...sometimes you just need to take a break & get away. What do you guys do to take a breather?

P.S. Those beads you see hanging down? It's a counter for my strokes because I always have so many I can't remember! I never said I was good...

My Favorite Engagement Sessions

In my hours of scouring the internet, I always make sure to read the posts on Green Wedding Shoes. It was on her blog that I first saw this engagement session photographed by Sarah Yates. It is SO fun & the balloons are just amazing!

One of my other obsessions, is the work of the ladies at Simply Bloom Photography. Perfectly modern, perfectly vintage. I have already gushed about this engagement session on twitter a million times, but wanted to post it on here for you guys to see! The colors are awesome & the shoot is so playful & personal to the couple.

Cute Little Cake Toppers

These guys are too cute!! These custom designed cake toppers by RedLightStudio can be tailored to your color scheme & will perfectly personalize your wedding cake.

LOVE the polka dot detail on the tie & the gorgeous colors in the bride's bouquet! These will make the perfect keepsake!

Giveaway Reminder!

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Nothin' But Blue Skies

This may have been the fastest turnaround on an invite yet! Talk about easy to please, Risha knew exactly what she wanted & we knocked it out in 2 weeks! I'd say this pretty much conveys a Hawaii wedding, wouldn't you? Aaahhhhhh, beaches & blue skies...

...okay, we pretty much have blue skies all the time here in Phoenix, but ya know, it's just not the same as a Hawaiian blue sky! ;)


Okay, I know these aren't for everyone - but I think these whimsical heels would be just perfect for a casual garden wedding! With just enough satin to have that bridal feel, the romantic details at the toe keep it playful, light & airy. Love them!

Wedding Days & Giveaways

Whew! Let me catch you guys up on what's been going on over here!

Things have been fantastically busy lately, I just got two new clients & I am SO excited! Both are referrals from brides I'm currently working with, so that makes me EXTRA happy - I just cannot thank you guys enough! I am doing announcements & RSVPs for Risha, who is getting married on the island of Kauai in January. Since the ceremony is private, her friends & family are planning a huge reception for them when they get back. Jaime is having a wedding next Fall (which we all know is my favorite!) so I am looking forward to working with her on some really fun invitations - she's sent me some ideas so far & I love the direction she wants to go! AND to add to all the excitement, Lisa is getting married this weekend!! She was such a pleasure to work with and I wish her & Dave all the best!

Don't forget to make your way over to our Facebook page & become a fan to be entered to win a set of cute Holiday notecards by Swatchbook Weddings! I figured I would honor Black Friday & have the drawing on November 27 to get everyone in the Holiday spirit! :)


Have I really not written anything since last Tuesday? FAIL. I have lots to catch you guys up on, but first, here is a super fun shoe I think would be perfect for your bridesmaids! Paired with a bright orange, pink, or celery green dress, these will be a stylish addition to your wedding party!

Nine West Jinnett Peep Toe Pump, $79


Welcome to our new feature - TUESDAY SHOES-DAY! I LOVE shoes, especially any crazy peep-toe high heels ... but I don't even like wearing them. I am so not good at walking in heels! Hahaha! I just kind of collect them and wear them once every couple months when I need to look taller than 5'2" :) So, as an homage to my shoe hoarding, I will feature a new shoe every Tuesday that I think would be great for a bride, or her bridesmaids. Today's shoe is courtesy of one my favorites, Kate Spade. I came across these when I was helping Angie look for some shoes for her wedding day. How perfect are they for a casino wedding?