You know, sometimes it's the little things in life that can make you so happy...for me, my happiness arrived on Tuesday when I got my new swatchbook! Incase you don't know me personally, I LOVE swatchbooks (hence the name Swatchbook Weddings)! I love paper swatchbooks, fabric swatchbooks, and even paint swatchbooks. I used to go to Home Depot and just collect the swatches of the colors I liked and make art out them :)

So here it is. The swatchbook to end all swatchbooks.

Now there are so many more paper options to really make your invitations special!!

The Thinker.

Okay, these are just too cute & funny not to share! I was working on a design when my cat, Winston, sat down next to me and started to bathe himself. I was trying to snap a picture with his tongue out but kept getting him just after---but it turned out better because now he looks like he's helping me brainstorm! Hahahaaaa!

Final Fling Before the Ring!

I was looking through my portfolio this morning and came across these bachelorette party invitations. I created them for my best friend, Amanda, so they are extra special!! We had so much fun celebrating her "Final Fling Before the Ring!" 

Hawaii Wedding Suite

Heather and I are continuing her Hawaii wedding suite! Now that her invitations are in the mail, we are working on tags for the tote bags she is giving as favors, thank you cards, and an itinerary for her wedding guests. She is personalizing the tote bags with the guest's name and including some fun beach essentials for their stay in Hawaii. After tying the tag onto the tote with ribbon, she is also including the thank you note and the itinerary of things to come that week. Some things on the agenda?? How about a trip to the spa, snorkeling and a luau! What a way to celebrate, it's going to be GREAT!!

Inspired by Nature

I saw these cymbidium orchids today & couldn't help but be inspired by the gorgeous colors! To get this bold, modern punch of color for your invitations, try layering a palette of beet, fuschia, chartreuse, and soft whites.

Island Style

This week I worked with Nicole to create a design for canvas beach bags she is giving away as favors. She is getting married in Vieques, Puerto Rico--a small, BEAUTIFUL island just off the coast of the main island. Here's how the final design turned out!

Su Vino Winery

Alright, we all know your wedding guests will hem...thirsty... so why not offer them up some custom-blended wine created by you and your fiancé?

Su Vino Winery located in the Arts District in Downtown Scottsdale lets you not only create your own wine, but create your own label as well. Choose from one of their templates or design one from scratch, this is definitely a sophisticated touch to your tables. A bottle of Su Vino also makes a great wedding party gift! Money saving tip: Enter code 6BOTTLE when you checkout online for 10% off your order of 6 bottles or more!


I just finished assembling Heather & Brent's invitations to their Hawaii wedding! I am so excited to give them to her---they turned out great!

Heather + Brent's Invitation w/ RSVP

Put a Stamp On It...

I went to a presentation the other day about social media websites--Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter seem to be taking over the world!! The speaker talked about the importance of taking advantage of these websites and how they are not just a trend, they are here to stay. They have changed the way people communicate, connect with their consumers, and conduct their daily business...and really how people live their lives! What I find ironic is that in the day in age of "tweets" and "status updates" nothing communicates the importance of your special day like an actual--dare I say--MAILED--invitation. Imagine getting an e-vite to a's unheard of! Your invitations are the first impression your guests get of your wedding. They set the tone, the color scheme, and overall feel of the day which is so important. So I say with wedding invitations, or any other piece of communication that is meaningful--send it with a stamp, not a click!

Baby Lara is on the way!

I created Elba & Jorge's wedding invitations last Fall and just heard the great news that they are expecting!!! Congratulations you guys, I can't wait to see the little one!

Elba & Jorge's wedding invitations:

Local Flavor

Buying local is definitely a hot topic these days—buying locally grown foods, shopping at locally-owned stores, and eating at local restaurants are what keep cities unique and exciting. Once you visit these places, you feel a sense of pride and a connection with the community. A great resource for locally-owned businesses here in Arizona can be found at Local First Arizona.

How about tapping local resources for your wedding favors? Treat your guests to gourmet, organic cookies and cupcakes from the Phoenix-based Urban Cookies—or why not have a gelato bar from Gelato 64 in Chandler to cool off your guests? Tvala Handmade in Queen Creek offers a wide selection of handmade soaps to pamper your friends and family. Arizona is a fabulous place to get married, and this is the time to show them what we're made of!