Modern Country Swatchbooks

Here are the three color schemes I've chosen to use on my invitations fit for a modern country wedding! I really wanted to use natural colors that you would see just looking around the venue — earthy greens, golden yellows, pale pink for roses & beautiful blue skies. Keep checking back for photos of the mock-ups!

Swatchbook: Apple

Swatchbook: Sky

Swatchbook: Golden Wheat

Modern Country Swatchbook

I was watching an HGTV show the other day & as the designer went along I was LOVING everything about the room. It was beautiful! So light, airy and comfortable looking...then she described the look as "modern country" — Oh. Oh no. This can't be! I grew up in the Midwest & if any of you readers can relate, you know Midwest country is craft fairs, Americana red, white and blue...Boyd's Bears...apples made from fabric and buttons! (I just described my parent's house btw, I'm sure my mom is rolling her eyes!) Say it isn't so, I can't possibly like something COUNTRY!? But it was true, this modern country was exactly my style! Natural fabrics like cotton & linen, pale teal and a marigold yellow and accents of crisp white — an epiphany! :) I was so excited I bought this painting for my living room!

So as I am working on the next phase of Swatchbook Weddings, I will be posting the different swatchbooks for my invites and then we'll be launching our site so you can order online! Here is my inspired palette...

modern country swatchbook

Something Blue on Your Shoe!

Cross your "something blue" item off the list! Here's a cute idea: have your bridesmaids write you wedding wishes in blue marker on the bottom of your shoes — the rumor is, first one's name to rub off is the next one walking down the aisle! Now I don't know why I'm so in love with fun ideas for shoes lately, I guess I just love the idea of popping a little personality in place of something which can be so drab... gone are the days of white satin kitten-heel pumps!!

Sunnyslope Save the Date

This past week I helped my friend Nicole with a save the date evite for a non-profit she volunteers for. Every year, the Phoenix neighborhood of Sunnyslope recognizes individuals or businesses who have made an impact on their community. (You might remember Nicole from a previous post about her wedding in Puerto Rico, where we came up with a cute design for tote bags she was giving away as favors!) Well now that she's back from her amazing honeymoon in Bora Bora, she's helping organize a recognition dinner for these special folks. Tonight I'm working on the formal invitation, but here's how the design is turning out so far!