Passion with a Purpose

Today I heard Pam Gaber, of Gabriel’s Angels, talk about the importance of passion. She stressed that while it is imperative to be passionate about something in your life, you must have a purpose. WHY are you passionate about your job, your charity, or your cause? I am truly passionate about the invitations I design & the couples that I am designing them for…but WHY? I love having a part in helping to create the most important day of these couples’ lives. I love helping them realize their perfect invitations and making the process, from start to finish, an enjoyable one. Every single time I get wrapped up in the excitement of them seeing the first draft of their invitation with their names on it. It truly is my favorite part! It seems like that is the moment when everything becomes real for them and I can just feel their excitement! When the bride is so happy and after the “oh my gosh!,” hugs, gasps — it makes me realize it’s that moment that is the purpose of my passion!

Now find yours too!

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