Sometimes Your Colors Just Dawn on You

OK. She picked them! Dawn *swears* she has settled on what colors she wants to use for her announcements! Hahaha! She is so funny, everytime we talk she is inspired by something else & she changes her colors :) As you might remember from my earlier post about these two, Dawn & Gavin are having a small wedding here in Phoenix — originally, on New Year's, now in October! Originally wearing a red dress, now yellow! Hahaha! They decided to just have it in their backyard to keep things simple & casual, with a game table from Arizona Nights, food catered by Honey Bear's BBQ (seriously, if you live in Phoenix, you MUST go there), and a come-as-you-are attitude. Inspired by the outdoors, Dawn is going to wear a yellow dress & has chosen a grassy green and a pale sunshine yellow as her colors.

Swatchbook: Dawn & Gavin

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