Caramel Apple Inspiration

I love, love, love Fall! For us in Phoenix, it means we are finally getting relief from the 115 degree temps, and your steering wheel won't give you third degree burns anymore. And while I love being able to go to the pool in December, I do miss the leaves changing, the bonfires and being able to pick apples back in Illinois. I just love fall flavors — I think I’ve made something with sweet potatoes 3 times a week for the past 2 weeks! Hahaha! And since my birthday is in October, I never want a birthday cake, always my grandma’s apple crisp recipe. I know that I will definitely have a fall wedding here in Phoenix, and the one thing I know I will have is caramel apples! They make such a great take-away treat & help bring in some Midwestern ties. What about having a make-your-own candy apple station? Line up some melted milk chocolate, white chocolate and caramel, then have dishes with different toppings. Some favorites would be chopped nuts, sprinkles, and M&Ms. Wrap them in cellophane, and tie closed with a ribbon to match your colors or a monogram sticker. Perfect! Here are some caramel apple inspirations to get you drooling!

apple 1, apple 2, apple 3, apple 4, apple 5

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