The Future of Swatchbook Weddings...

The new year is fast approaching and with it, is going to come a new Swatchbook Weddings. 

My business has been based solely on custom invitations and it has been great! It has been so exciting working with brides, getting to know them, and developing great relationships which has in turn brought me many referrals and the opportunity to grow my business. I know I've gushed quite a few times in my blog posts about how thankful I am, but it just can't be said enough how much I appreciate all that have played a role. You have given me the confidence to create Swatchbook Weddings & now have given me the confidence to move my business forward. I will be moving away from custom invitations and moving to an online shop. This will give me the chance to create invitation suites that are truly an expression of my passion for design & typography...and hopefully people will like it!

As I am finishing up the jobs I have right now, I will have more time to focus on getting things in order for the new launch. This is a HUGE deal to me & has always been my dream - I am really excited, but nervous of course. I will continue to blog & those that are a part of Swatchbook Weddings on facebook & twitter will be really involved with the transformation. I can't wait to see what's next! 


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