Thoughts on this Throwback?

Have you guys seen these? I saw them for the first time today while shopping & they are pretty neat. Now this goes against everything I believe in, being that I am totally anti-Pepsi, but not only did I look at them, I wanted to figure out what they meant by "throwback." The design? Well, sorta. They're calling it a "throwback" because they are using real sugar instead of high-fructose corn syrup. (What about that commercial with the kool-aid and popsicles that said high-fructose corn syrup wasn't bad for you?) Anywho, you win Pepsi. I came, I saw, I blogged and I liked your designs. What do you guys think??


Jeanette LeBlanc said...

HFC is baaaad stuff. I don't drink soda - but I like this (both design and diet wise) :)


Swatchbook Weddings said...

Definitely can't be good for you, that's for sure! I know, +1 for the real sugar and +1 for the design...but still won't buy it :)


Nathan said...

I bought each yesterday. I was hoping to find individual cans, but they are seemingly only sold in 12-packs. I just wanted one of each. :)

I don't drink Pepsi and like you, care for it for that matter, but it's not bad. Mountain Dew is great and definitely better with real sugar, but I'm not making a habit of it no matter how much I like it. :P

I only drink Coke products or Coke Zero varieties specifically, but these Pepsi products are each worth the purchase for the cans alone. Great designs!

Take care,

I am Bretticus said...

The Pepsi can design brings me back to my childhood days. I wish they would just go back to it...and the flavor too. It was unanimous that the "throwback" Pepsi and Mountain Dew were better than the current. I am more of a Coke over Pepsi person myself, but I liked the old Pepsi over the current Coke.