Big Day Beauty

This is the first of what I hope to be many guest posts by fellow bloggers with knowledge & expertise that Swatchbook brides will find helpful. Enjoy!

Hi Swatchbook Wedding readers! My name is Lara and I normally blog over at a little self-created beauty-obsessed wonderland known as the glossarie. In addition to my role as beauty blogstress, I am also a bride to be! I’ve been a big Angela fan for awhile (anyone who writes something called “Tuesday Shoes-day” is high on my list!) so I was completely thrilled when she asked me to “marry” my two favorite interests and do a big-day beauty post here on Swatchbook Weddings. As someone who is carefully considering product selections for a day when all eyes will be on her, I have a few simple products with staying power that will make sure you really shine all day (and night!) long.


A Mighty Mascara
The ultimate matrimonial mascara lengthens, thickens, curls, and doesn’t dream of flaking or smudging. Those of us who need to make it through photos, vows, and dancing with our dads need Clinique’s High Impact Curling Mascara. I have personally tested it through sob fests and dance floor marathons and can confidently vouch for its curl-holding powers. It has Holy Grail-like potential in its eye-opening effects and offers amazing Bambi-like lashes that last forever.

Lip Stain
I’ve found the trick to a lasting lip is layering a long-wearing stain underneath your favorite moisturizing lip gloss. The end result is an unbeatable combo that will allow your lips to look their best for hours upon hours. The stain won’t need to be retouched at all and works to offer endless color while the gloss will keep your lips hydrated and provide some pretty shine. Tarte has recently created a Natural Lip Stain that acts as a stain/gloss hybrid to keep its color and hydrate but if you prefer to try a separate stain and gloss, my favorites are CoverGirl’s Outlast Lip Stain in Everbloom Kiss and NARS Lip Gloss in Ophelia.

A Nearly Naked Polish
I love a bold manicure as much as the next gal, but for my wedding day I’m planning to save the poppy polish for my toes. There’s nothing that will make your gorgeous wedding rings stand out more than a shade that closely matches your natural skin tone. For me, that’s something like Essie Mambo but there are shades out there to compliment any and everyone. The nude mani results in a look that is soft, romantic and really draws attention to those newly acquired sparkly left-hand adornments.

So those are just a few must-haves to keep your mind at ease. There is enough for you to focus on without having to worry about a faded gloss or wandering mascara. Whatever look you might be going for on your big day, I hope all of my fellow brides can rise above the pressure to look “perfect” because I am a big believer that there’s nothing more naturally beautiful than a bride on her wedding day.


Thank you so much Lara - great post!!


brookem said...

such great tips, for everyone any day, not just brides to be! im totally checking out that lip stain right this very instant. xoxo

Swatchbook Weddings said...

Agreed! I know, I am interested in trying that lip stain too! I don't like the look of lipstick - I barely ever wear lip color (just a clear gloss usually). I think the stain is an excellent solution to lip color that looks natural, plus still getting the gloss. Let me know if you try it!