Nicole + Ryan are on SMP!

I am totally down for the count right now - I've been feeling a cold coming on since Monday and it's finally arrived in full force. I wish I was playing hooky today because it's supposed to be 84 degrees here but being hot sounds so miserable!

BUT - as I was bumming it on the couch today I got an email from my friend Nicole. When I started my new job a little over a year ago, Nicole was just finishing up the final touches for her wedding on the gorgeous island of Vieques, Puerto Rico. I met her too late to do her invitations unfortunately, but I created this image for her to get printed on the tote bags she was giving as favors. We bonded over our obsession with stationery & even though we don't work together anymore, we email back and forth with any fun finds we come across. She has been so supportive of me & Swatchbook Weddings, I can't thank her enough!

Well Nicole's email today was to tell me that her wedding was featured on Style Me Pretty!! I mean seriously, I don't even know how to pick just a few images to share, but here are some gorgeous photos from her wedding. CLICK HERE to see more & read their story!

You look gorgeous, Nicole! Photos by Hurwitz Photography

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Nicole said...

Thank you, Angela!! You are too sweet. Love the post, and love Swatchbook Weddings! :)