I don't know what it is, but photographer Amy Karp gets me every time with her sneak peeks! (Check out this other photo of hers that I'm in love with) This is a perfect sneak peek pic for Tuesday Shoesday - gotta love a bride & groom with style! Get her Vivienne Westwood shoes here. Disclaimer: they're plastic :)


amy karp said...

she told me they were made of PVC...didnt realize the price tag on them though! Thanks for the feature again. That rocks!!! :)

Swatchbook Weddings said...

Can you believe how adorable they are? Who knew plastic could be pretty?!

You're welcome for the feature again - love your work!


andreajoyce said...

Oh, wow wow wow wow!

landlocked bride said...

Seriously love that color. Hopefully they are comfy!